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jeudi 14 janvier 2010

What sort of act could be "better-ed" ?

suffering, suffering about anti-love rules ... the higher it could be shown, couldn't replace the old facts nor the possibility to preserve it untouched - the more i talk, the more i make suffering...the more it becomes impossible to resolve coz of life social rules... failed in the closed possibilities offered.
Coz of social contracts, human acting is formed of conventional and limited ways: the choices are cultural, done by our ancestors, but as traditional is to be exploded by global logics, it appears to be rocked: no more to accept than to find an other country, ...
But too... traditions are in all around: also, only small local , regions could change the ways of choicing: some could have other rules, all with ethics, but to experiment, changing of region may change the views. For now it is only for memory and imaginary to suppose ethical freedoms.

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