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jeudi 10 septembre 2009

ironies miroir, trop simplistes visions mais mordre d'abord (?)

ce texte parle d'un futur sans le capitalism et tente de faire comprendre que le monde peut changer malgré tout... s'adresse à des américains et convaincus de leur "réussite" influente. Mais que je reproche non partagée et pas si réussie... ils s'illusionnent sans cesse, mais aujourd'hui et si cet article est paru, c'est qu'il y a des avancés !
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    OOps, what a good news ! It appears there, in “your un-humble country… the one of the pioneers, the freedom of all jealousy and guns laws …” you perceive other countries as defective or un-progressist, seen under-developed… but to where ?
    How can you still think about a “marvelous USA world” ? Of course compared to the China people, you may have dev. more, but what ? Many people from your land are living from dreams… and also buying with … nothing else credits, from …. bankers, poor bankers who make money over the transactions, form your incomes too, from the advantage over anyone say have to create the credit… the stock options ? a good choice ? but the system is so perverted that only the initiated (directors,CEO,and politicians…) have the info to sell or buy, and make the little stock opt. be bad or better; none of the “workers” (employees you say exactly: that’s the same: today there are less “real” workers, but some “white collars” for services, but more for administrations of the transactions: results: more costs, more stupid jobs, just to regulate the companies… but nothing really done for the humanity, for others… just to pay for living: you said i work=you pay=i’m better tha..=pay me more= i can pay some to work for me now=i live from your work=i do nothing else signing the plans=you work not enough productively=you’re fired !=i got a robot company=no one there, i’m alone, quiet, but feel anxious, no one to talk about important things, only beers, meat, fire and steel… “enjoy hell!” as you said… :(
    oops, that’s a great day, Americans are to understand they are not a big nation, but an agglomerate from same old-religious cultural nations (dislocation of the US ? may be next when re-found freedom of real expressions)_ there, i must say Americans are to be sometimes very tolerant, yes very form the better signs to the worst …
    oops, there is a day when people are to make their efforts, also for the better of others, supporting more by donation than for money, they live humanly, not in violent films, done for “believing of fearfull world”(?).
    oops, no people around, outside USA are to welcome you too, for your fun, your naïve vision of globality, for your childish way of meeting, for your enthusiasm and happiness, for your believes and go(o)d futures: traditionalists, but progressists in rails, innovatives but alone, just for biz, not for the country, just for having more money, not for human environment.
    oops, it appears one day we’ll meet. That’s soon now, coz many signals indicate the end of the Kapitalism civilization, not any wars but to say that people embrace the DiEm Ovo (means Democrate international Ethical move’ means that egg you may cover to the birth of a paradise bird…a ALLhuman world named Earthians) or said La MoDiE (La Mouvance Démocrate internationale Ethique (in french) …
    that said, i’m a bit happier today; you’re evolving to some good thoughts !
    cheers all your day !
    ps: i know i’ve shocked some readers there, also, mind shocks are to enlightened the dark thoughts = i support USA as other countries; all have to temporize to change their point of view. So Apologizes if i’ve cut too far inside. Be blessed if you believe ;)

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  1. but they moderate and don't publish this !!!

  2. ajouter que le lien DiemOvo et La MoDie existe ;ooops
    pour rejoindre le DiEm Ovo (ou La MoDiE) allez sur Facebook !: http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?compose&id=1440798509#/group.php?gid=136391181370&ref=ts
    also in english too : http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?compose&id=1440798509#/group.php?gid=136391181370&ref=ts
    all for our international ethical Democracy , please get inside to share our ideas ! and make a mutual world


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